Beta testing feedback

  • Hi, I thought to start this topic to collate the observations during testing of beta samples of Wiscore and the audio board for Alexa.
    So, here are the points.

    1. It works very well with Amazon Alexa voice service. Just out of the box, log in to your account via the Wiscore app on your phone and you are ready to talk to Alexa. Very nice !
      In my earlier project, I used Raspberry pi. You need to start an app for alexa, a server and the wakeword engine and for that of course, you need
      a display, keyboard and mouse. Quite time consuming it was.

    2. Initially, I faced some trouble while connecting the board to WiFi etc. For e.g. the board was not able to get alexa working via WiFi if the ethernet cable was removed. But it seems that the latest firmware has fixed such bugs.

    3. The documentation is still quite confusing. There is a good scope to streamline and improve it further. A better user guide with all details and then followed by examples to utilize the board's features should be there.

    The PDFs in the doc folder are not opening except for the user guide. (PDF shows invalid/incorrect format).

    1. I am yet to play with other features like GPIO, USB etc. Also, have not understood the purpose of two RJ45 connectors - one for WAN and other for LAN.

    2. It would be good to have a volume control button or script to control the volume. Additionally, the volume level should be stored in memory so at next power on, it start at the same level instead of giving a command 'Alexa volume 10'.

    3. It would be good to refer to and provide examples for Linux systems and Macbook as well instead of just Windows. A number of developers use these OS.

    4. The tftpd32.exe file on GitHub - Antivirus software doesn't allow it to be run, flags a malicious content warning. So better to use some alternative.

    5. It would also be a good idea to add in node JS and Python bundled in the binary. I can see some examples of JS/Python code in the 'IoT' folder but can't run it unless node / python are installed.

    6. Why installing the app on your phone / tablet is compulsory? Can the same things of setting up the board / WiFi network not be done via command line on the serial port?

    7. With the new firmware at this moment, I am not able to use ethernet via the WAN/LAN connector. It is not getting the IP address. I will look into it later.

    I will continue adding more observations and suggestions later. I hope these are taken positively!


  • Thanks so much! We definitely will improve these and ensure the best user experience of WisCore

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