RAK811 Digital IO & UART2 Access

  • Is there any plan to allow the usage of the digital IO pins and UART2 through AT command?

  • Hi, no plan temporaly.
    Generally, RAK811 is a uart at command module , need add extern host controller.

  • Hi,You need this function because you want to add application in UART2 and some GPIO. So that no need external MCU?

  • @kenyu I ask because the pins were provided on the RAK811. If there are not available to be used, don't you think it defeat the purpose of having the pins on the module? :)

    For example, on the RN2483, an external MCU can issue AT command to it to drive any of it's GPIO high or low. This can be used for simple external circuit like driving an LED, relay, transistor, etc. I thought that is RAK811's intention to have the pins available on the module.

    I just finish a design based on the RAK811 in the morning, looking forward to test the module. Will order some from your Taobao store.

  • i'm considering to add this feature soon. i will keep you date!

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