WisCore New Firmware Released

  • Visit the Link: https://github.com/RAKWireless/WisCore/blob/master/release

    The release note include:

    1. Support WEB UI upgrade firmware
    2. Support WEB UI pair Wi-Fi network and network mode switch
    3. Fix SSID can not support special character bug
    4. Fix DSN need to rewrite when upgrade the firmware bug
    5. Fix media format bug. Previous version can not support some format of iHeartRadio station
    6. Perform the response of ASR event

  • Hi,
    I flashed the new firmware rc342. But now the product is entering test mode PRODUCT TEST mode.
    I tried to set the dsn manually as below.
    set-dsn Wiscore.Alexa.9900202
    But it gives me an error:
    ERROR: PRODUCT_TEST.product_test.c.product_test().Line=566 set error, because of bad input value

    Please can you help to fix this error? The board was working fine before firmware upgrade.



  • Ok, this was my error. Pointed out by Allen Jin on email.
    I was not giving space between set and -dsn. So the command I entered was: set-dsn. It should be set -dsn. (The command is "set" so should be followed by a space and then the argument is -dsn followed by the number).

    Thanks Allen !

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