Wiscam video car

  • 1.Basic principle
    RAK WisCam is ultra-low-cost Modular Based Evaluation Kit to help the developer to design Wi-Fi video product with Linux OS and work with Arduino NUO board. WisCam can transmit video through Wi-Fi to APPs and all the source codes are available on the Github. WisCam also integrate Nabto P2P cloud to create the video connection anywhere with Internet .
    WisCam supports YUV RAW data so developers can make video scaling (up to x1~x8 scaling), video cropping , video overlapping etc. or change CMOS image sensor.

    WisCam work in AP mode,Upper computer connect WisCam and send control commands to the WisCam,Transmit data to serial port and connect with Arduino serial port,Finally, L298N the motor speed and positive reverse are controlled by GPIO and PWM.
    2.Upper computer Software

    Download and compile then input
    ./controller [wisCam ip] 502
    Through the keyboard controls the forward turning of the car
    3.Engineering documentation (including lower computer of Arduino code)
    0_1496914762848_wiscam video car.pdf

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