RAK Creator Review comment from Russia Engineer

  • Hi Ken. The problem with error fixed on my PC. I reinstalled usb driver of Creator board many times and results came thanks to dances with a tambourine (russian peolpe are saing like Танцы с бубном помогли). Just now I am testing Arduino Creator board. What I figured out: 1) Speed of working of wifi Access Point and web server is fast, more fast than in esp8266. It is very good! 1.1) Get method is working faster than in esp8266. 2) According to finger feelings the temperature of RAK module is less than in esp8266, it is very good for portable projects with battarey. 3) Still web server library in very simple mode. I can use it But you should understand - there is a lot of projects allready writed for esp8266 and we should make the web server library corresponding to old web server library ( used in arduino ethernet shiled and later in esp8266's boards) That library able to create more than 1 web page on web server and also there are used arguments in methods. For ehample that librarry allows to use buttons on web page and send argument to server when button will be pushed. It is very usefull function in web server library. I can explain more what do I mean if you need. Even I will be glad to take a part in developing of arduino libraries, but my knowelege for it is not enough. You can try to use in some way me if it will be need. I guess in case when web library will not work similar with old arduino web server library, many projects cant be ported in simple way from esp to Creator. It will be realy sad for arduino society. 4) Not important but also dealing with this one will be big benefit for Creator: If you know, today there is very famouls led strip with drived leds ws8211 ( ws2811). So, adafruit made library - adafruit neopixel. This library works well on esp8266. And a lot of people whom I know they uses driving leds alot. Because in this case Creator\esp became good remote light solution). I checked other libraries intended for leds ws2811 ( ws2812FX for example), there are same warnings and error cames.

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