IP Adress by default?

  • @Seven Sure, i tried according to the above instruction but lan / wan from wiscore no response in pc so tftp32 can not transfer file 1.bin by lan / wan port

  • @erickfloors
    when you plug net-cable line into wiscore Lan/Wan port, there is no any change in the 'Network Status' icon ? or you can try disable you PC's Wi-Fi function then do it again.

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  • yes..wifi is disable..there is no change network status icon...only show cross icon network status.
    there is luci available by default? what is luci ip adress?

  • @erickfloors
    this is a very strange phenomenon , Can you try another PC?

  • what is luci ip adress by default?..
    my another pc no ethernet available.. i will be check from other pc with ethernet port..
    .. i think may be lan/wan port is damaged..what do you think?

  • cross network status
    alt text

    IP Setting
    alt text

    Write Firmware status ( no lan detect)
    alt text

  • @erickfloors
    you can try to connect via a router - step by step:
    1,use your PC ethernet port to connetc router another lan port or you can connect directly the route AP - ssid.
    2, check PC ipaddr from route automatically assigns ip - assume the
    ipaddr is - ''
    3, open tftpd on you PC and to set
    4,use WisCore wan/lan port to connect router a lan port
    5, WisCore have to entry uboot menu and press '2' key to entry tftp mode
    6, you must be set the tftp ipaddr in the tftp option:

    Chip type is MT7628A, GPIO is 6<<<
    You choosed 2


    2: System Load Linux Kernel then write to Flash via TFTP.
    Warning!! Erase Linux in Flash then burn new one. Are you sure?(Y/N)
    Please Input new ones /or Ctrl-C to discard
    Input device IP ( ==: #Must belong to the same LAN as the PC's ip
    Input server IP ( ==: #your PC's ip
    Input Linux Kernel filename () ==:1.bin
    7, press 'Enter' to download fw on wiscore

    for access the web by luci
    -> Do you found the the WisCore default SSID? it is usually prefixed by WisCore_
    you can connect the ssid and access ip:
    Note: if you use our Alexa default fw, the web is disable, wisAp is enable it is using an openwrt default web.

  • @erickfloors
    if you disable Wi-Fi, the network status icon seems to be the picture below. Can you make sure your ethernet port is good? E.g: let your computer connect to the router by lan.

  • my ethernet adaptor on pc working properly
    alt text

    screenshoot on my Hame A2 Router is working

    alt text

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