Bigger speaker

  • How can I connect a bigger speaker to the audio board? I need a louder speaker for a big room demo.
    Or maybe a bluetooth speaker via USB dongle on the motherboard?
    Or can I use 3.5mm Y splitter like this one :

  • sorry, i just replied in another topic. you can use below cable to connect your loudly speaker0_1495586241843_cable.jpg

  • The audio board has only one 3.5mm jack - how do get both speaker and microphone connected ?

  • The included white microphone - is a MEMS mic array or just simple microphone?
    Ie where does the ASR far field capability comes from - the audio chip or the microphone?

  • The ASR powered by Microsemi ZL38067. We can realize the 7 meters far field performance in one of our end product. but for WisCore module, we didn't tune too much. so, maybe not with best performance

  • @kenyu Far field works very well with the included microphone. I've tested it in my home - 2 small and noisy kids :)

  • The audio board has only one 3.5mm jack - how do get both speaker and microphone connected?

  • @michal Currently, we don't have microphone input port. How do you want to use microphone? The 3.5mm jack only support speaker to play the sound.

  • @Allan-Jin The WisCore package I've received included the small white disc like speaker:
    I assume there is a small microphone inside the disc? If not inside the disc, then where is the mic - on the audio board ?
    What's supported Ohm rating for the speaker via 3.5mm jack?

  • @michal pls see the image of Mic placement. it is in Audio board with Two Mic. So far, the software only enable the one Mic.0_1495693081774_mic.png

  • @kenyu Perfect. That's what I was thinking - mic is on the board.

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