WisCore new firmware release!

  • new release with link of https://github.com/RAKWireless/wiscore/tree/master/release

    The update list:
    1、Solve the multiple Amazon account logon same device to get Music playing issue.

    2、Solve the issue that Play Audible fast forward or backward instead of replay

    4、Fix some bugs in Music Library playing issue

    5、Fix no volume issue when play the Kindle book

    6、Support the playing of inTune

  • Help me.

    I done Firmware Upgrade.
    but, device is go test mode.
    My device is not found /etc/wiskeyinfo and /etc/wiskey/alexa.conf.
    How can I start?
    Do not up up to the latest farm being released?
    I can not complete the setup, so I tried updating to the latest.

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