WisCam Q&A Updating..

  • 1,Q: What is WisCam?
    :medal: A: RAK WisCam is the Modular Based Evaluation Kit to help the developer to design Wi-Fi video product with Linux OS. WisCam can transmit video through Wi-Fi to APPs. This document mainly describes the hardware structure of WisCam and how to use WisCam’s basic function. For example, play video in the mobile app or Windows program.

    2,Q: Why I should buy the WisCam?
    :medal: A:
     Add video or image to Real-time preview in APPs
     Build P2P Cloud server and transmit video and control data anywhere when you access into internet
     All software source code are available on Github and Hardware open all design
     Fully compatible with Arduino UNO development board in hardware
     The source code of mobile app is available on github
     Fast to build the prototype for your application demos
     Design the products not only linux but also Arduino devices.

    Q: What’s function of the WisCam?
    :medal: A:
     CPU is built on the ARM926EJ- 32-bit RISC CPU core. The frequency can be up to 200MHz@1.8V.
     WisCam supports WI-FI IEEE 802.11 b/g/n protocol, 1T1R antenna and SDIO interface. High-speed wireless connection can be up to 150 Mbps.
     WisCam provides UART interface to communicate with Host MCU or Arduino board. This allows you to focus on your application development.
     Provides a 10-bit ADC, a MIC-phone, a UART, a speaker and a dozen of GPIOs
     Record up to 640x480@30FPS RGB MJPEG video.
     Provide multiple accessories to make your application more amusing and easier to use

    Q: Who will pay the interesting for WisCam?
    :medal: A:
     The R&D or product team at the company who make video product
     Engineer developer interesting Linux OS
     Open source developer for Arduino
     Maker who make your video or image idea coming ture
     Robot or toys team to making product amusing
     Student to learn linux programming from Junior to senior

    The function demos that product integrate the WisCam
     Update the Tutorial video in RAK youtube channel
     Update the how to compile the source code video in RAK youtube channel
     Update the how to use Peripherals(PWM,I2C,GPIO,ADC etc.) video in RAK youtube channel
     Update Controling toys with Ardunio video in RAK youtube channel

    3,Q: How it works?
    :medal: A:
    1:WisCam build in P2P Cloud server, the developer can use WisCam to build similar product like IP-Camera .
    2:WisCam build in RTSP server, the engineers can develop smartphone APPs or Windows Software.
    3:Developer can program inside the WisCam base on linux to realize his own application code
    4:WisCam compatible to Arduino Shield,you can use UART to communication with Arduino core to leverage the plenty demos base on Arduino
    5:WisCam can communicate with Windows PC via USB UVC protocol
    6:WisCam can record video or snap image automatically.
    7:WsiCam add your product not only Real-time video but also remote control or get status
    8:WsiCam will add vision algorithm to make your product more and more amusing
    9:WsiCam make you learning wifi driver ,image sensor driver ,UVC driver ,P2P cloud driver and linux OS.

    4,Q: Compare to other solution, what’s the advantage?
    :medal: A:
     WisCam’s competitior: Openmv, is a typical hardware solution for image embedded module
     Company website: http://openmv.io/
     The difference
     WisCam base on Linux OS, which haves high performance to encode video or image. We spent lots of the development time to reduce the code size to match Linux architecture
     WisCam open all source code to engineer to build your application
     WisCam can be up to 640x480@30FPS video
     WisCam have the high performance video and audio processing to
     Compare to linkplay made, RAK WisCam is mostly like a open source module not just a wifi speaker modules.
     The developer can use WisCam UART to connect the HOST-MCU ,such as Arduino.
     WisCam provide the SDK with plenty open IO like UART,ADC,GPIO,I2C etc.

    5,Q: How Many way Wiscam can play video now?
    :medal: A:
     USB UVC mode
     WIFI Camera playing in Android , IOS ,Windows APP.

    6,Q: How Many Functions inside the WisCam?
    :medal: A:
     MJPEG Encode
     Audio Encode
     Audio Decode
     USB HOST/ USB Device
     P2P Cloud server
     HTTP Protocol
     RTSP Server
     USB UVC
     SD card

    7, Q: What can customers do with WisCam today?
    :medal: A:
    WisCam can access to a lot of field about video ,audio and wifi application.
     IP CAMERA with P2P Cloud Server
     USB Camera with UVC Protocol
     Motion detection for security applications
     With QR Code Detection/Decoding you can make smart robots or toys
     Detect Frame or Image differencing to execute different action
     Face Detection to count Human traffic
     Motion tracking to control your deivce to move
     2D barcodes Detection/Decoding

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