RAK811/LoRa Module Latest information summary

  • @YuheiOKAWA sorry, the MIC certification since we need summit the Distributor information, we resummit the report today and hopefully we can get that early next week. We already complete all the testing. I will report you next week early when i have update

  • @kenyu
    Sorry, I want to ask a question additional.
    Do you plan to release firmware that supports 920MHz RoLaWAN in Japan's frequency?
    Since RoLa itself seems to correspond to the frequency of 920, we think that it can deal with depending on firmware.
    Since telec: 211-170504 is printed, I am expecting that it has already developed.
    I am happy if RoLaWAN can operate at 920MHz.

  • @YuheiOKAWA Hi, Our LORA Module can operate at 920MHz. You should upgrade the module firmware with 915 band version.
    Link: http://www.rakwireless.com/en/download/RAK811 LoRa Module/Firmware upgrade

  • @Twenyong
    Thanks. OK.
    I guess it is US915 now.
    I wanted to know because it will be AS923(Japan [920-928 MHz]) in Japan.

    Sorry, Because my knowledge is insufficient, It may not be necessary to worry.

  • @YuheiOKAWA which gateway you use for AS923? Multitech?

  • @kenyu
    I use Dragino's LG01-P-JP for Gateway, which is with AS923.
    In LoRaWAN 1.0.2 Japan recognizes that it decided to use AS923.
    I am wondering if I can keep using it with 915 firmware.
    Is it OK to use it without worrying about it on 915 firmware?

  • @YuheiOKAWA Can you send out the list of frequency bands you use?

  • @Twenyong
    sorry, late reply.
    I re-read the document again,
    In my understanding, the Freq list looks like this

    (1mW < antenna power <= 20mW) && (920.6MHz <= center frequency <= 923.4MHz)

    There are materials that can be referred to in order to compensate for my understanding shortage.
    full regulation document is this link.

  • Can replace RAK811 by RN2903 of (microchip) ????????

  • May be can not ,we do not know much about RN2903

  • I tried the TheThingsNetwork library for the Arduino which uses the RN2903 and it is incompatible.

  • Hello evebody!
    I have some question about the power supply and current consumption of RAK811 module (sx1276 module + stm32l151). The datasheet "RAK811 Lora Module Datasheet V1.1" explain on the "Recommended Operating Rating" for VCC are: 3.15 V(min), 3.3V (typical) and 3.45 V(maximun); for the "Current Consumption" only the minimum consumption are descripted: 30 mA(14dbm) (tx mode), 5.5 mA (rx mode) and 7.2 uA (sleep mode) . For the other hand, the brochure of rak811 "RAK811_Brochure(V1.0).pdf" indicates TX: 60mA; RX: 9.9mA; Sleep: 500nA, with no identification of max, min, or tipic values. Wich really are the values min, tipic and maximun for RAK811? The documentation looks like some confuse to me.
    About the power consumption, sx1276 can work with 3.7V and stml151 with 4V of maximun values. Why rak811 does can't work with 3,7 v (the minimun value of the maximum vcc of this two chips)?
    The rak811 module have a regulator inside?
    @kenyu @rakadmin
    We must be know this values for comercial products.

  • Thank you for your question. We didn't write that we didn't try this way. Of course, if the user can try it, we will update the document.

  • hi @xc-c! On my tests, vcc for RAK811 modeule can around 2.0 to 3.65 v to send msgs and works fine.

  • Thank you very much for your testing, we will modify the documentation after verification.

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