RAK439 Frequently Asked Questions Summary

  • About RAK439 this module, because the module is small, fast transmission speed, powerful, much loved by many customers. But the threshold of writing RAK439 code is in the RAK series WIFI module is the highest, so inevitably there are many problems. Here I summarize some of the common problems I encountered, for your reference.
    1.RAK439 initialization failure how to deal with?
    Hardware check

    • Check whether the RAK439's power supply is 3.3V

    • Check if RAK439's reset pin is high

    • Check the RAK439 and the host SPI wiring is correct, MISO and MOSI is reversed

    • MCU and RAK439 try to use a shorter fly line connection

    • In the RAK439 CLK line in series 100 ohm resistor, adjust the SPI clock phase

    • Use the oscilloscope to see if the waveform timing is normal

    Software debugging

    • Open the sample code _spi_io_buffer function printf, print SPI communication data to see if the first 8 bytes received is 0x5B, yes the SPI communication is normal, SPI interface, poor contact or power supply is not received 0x5B

  • 2.Call send or sendto function returns RW_ERR_SEND_BUFFER_FULL is normal?
    Return RW_ERR_SEND_BUFFER_FULL that RAK439 wireless data has not yet issued, you can delay call again send or sendto until the return to success.

  • 3.How does the RAK439 interrupt pin use? Can not use it?
    Use NOS, that is, do not run the system, INT feet can be connected, then you can more quickly determine whether the data need to read the module, do not need to send orders to judge, more trouble. When using the OS, that is, when running the system, the INT pin must be connected.

  • 4.What RTOS does RAK439 support? Is there a limit?
    RAK439 on the support of the RTOS operating system without restrictions, has been transplanted successfully freertos, ucosIII, rt-thread. We currently only provide sample code for porting freertos and ucosIII.

  • 5.What are the types of MCUs supported by RAK439?
    RAK439 support architecture Cortex M0, M3, M4, ARM9 series MCU, has been transplanted successfully MCU Xintang nano1xx, nuc123, nuc505, N329x series; ST stm32f429, stm32f411, stm32f407, stm32f10x series.

  • 6.RAK439 how to debug SPI interface?
    On the SPI interface debugging, we have a special document, the document see Annex:RAK439 SPI interface debug.pdf

  • Is there some RAK module using the RTL8711 core ?

  • yes, we have RAK473/5 using RTL8711core and RAK476/7 using RT
    L8710 core

  • 7.RAK439 AP mode, up to several devices can be connected?
    Can only connect a device, which is determined by the WIFI chip, can not be changed.

  • @xc.c
    I am just start to use RAK439, I never used the API or SDK before.
    I want to connect RAK439 to PIC32MX(SPI), use the interrupt and send 1~2 [mbps] data to the single PC(I can use any type of protocol/s but I think UDP might be the fastest)
    Would you please explain to me how to use the incorporate functions in (API/SDK) in MPLAB X (I mean how to access to those functions?!)
    Is there any IDE for programming(flashing) RAK439? for example I use Eclipse to program ESP32, how could I program RAK439 (CC3200 chip)? should I download any IDE from Texas?
    Sorry if my questions are very simple to answer, but I am very confused, and appreciate any help.

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