How to fix WisNode-Lora shield not really compatible with an Arduino (TX/RX lines not 5V compatible)

  • When start to use WisNode Lora board work with the 5V level Arduino board, we will have the trouble that between WisNode Lora board and Arduino board can not be communicated by the serial port. After testing, we found the Arduino board serial port is 5V ,and WisNode Lora board serial port is the level of 3.3V; Level mismatch between two serial ports Lead to abnormal communication.
    Now RAK fixed this issue and launch the Lora-shift board, With this converter board, you can plug in the Wisnode-lora shield with Arduino shiled, like the following picture showing:

    Lora-Shift board



    Only need to use wire connected Lora-Shift board’s 5V, 3.3V, and GND on WisNode Lora board , You can easily resolve this problem.


  • Hello

    How can we get this board? Do you ship it?


  • After a period of time, we will make public sale, so please look forward to it.

  • @Andy let me know your address , and we can ship this board to you

  • so kenyu if i buy now on ali, do i get the (level shift?) adapter as well?

    btw, man, your forum engine is so bad... so freagging slow, i can't see the messages am typing, 10s lag, insane. such a pain to write here, already lost 2 messages...

  • Sorry Sir. We will review our forum, in the future, any issues for Forum, pls write email to
    BTW, if you buy the WisNode-lora now, we will give this boards in the kit as free

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