Cannot program Arduino UNO with WisNode-Lora connected

  • I have connected the WisNode-Lora Shield to an Arduino UNO, but I cannot program the Arduino.
    If I disconnect the WisNode-Lora Shield from the Arduino I can program it properly.
    Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

  • @jfmateos Hi, you say " cannot program the Arduino",means can not start properly? or Communication between the two is not normal?

  • I mean that when I press the Upload button in the Arduino IDE to burn a new Sketch, I get an error of communication with the serial port.

  • We found the cause of the problem,Make WisNode-Lora Shield RST pin bending 90 degrees not plugged in Arduino UNO RES pin will solve this problem.Because WisNode-Lora Shield RST pin is 3.3V, and Arduino UNO RES pin is 5V,Put together will pull low Arduino UNO RES pin voltage,cause download error.

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