RAK5205 - Node only send confirmed messages [solved]

  • I have upgraded my RAK5205 node to the latest firmware available (RAK5205_TrackerBoard software version:

    But now, the node is only sending confirmed messages.

    I have tried changing the settings wit the command: at+msg_confirm:0

    RAK5205_TrackerBoard software version:
    LIS3DH init success!
    ACC X:-240mg Y:-32mg Z:-912mg
    BME680 init success!
    T: 40.02 degC, P: 1028.86 hPa, H 18.02 %rH , G: 17289 ohms
    Please Configurate parameters...
    Configuration OK!
    app_interval = 10
    gps_stime = 60
    msg_confirm = 0
    power_save = 0
    Selected LoraWAN 1.0.2 Region: EU868
    Board Initialization OK!

    The messages received in the TTN console indicates that they are confirmed messages

    0_1546077217192_Screenshot from 2018-12-29 10-53-07.png

    I have tried to change the msg_confirm setting to 1, but they are also confirmed messages. If I revert the setting back to 0, they are still confirmed messages

    If I manually send a message wit the following command:
    I can see on the TTN console that the message is an unconfirmed message

  • Could you please provide the binary of the 1.6 firmware so the node is not sending confirmed messages continuously which rapidly violates the TTN fair use policy.

    It would also a good idea to provide the configuration to rebuild the firmware without having to use expensive software like Keil uvision.

  • Hi,thanks for your test,and you're right.The "at+msg_confirm"command was indeed invalid,we have modify the bug,and you could test it again with the latest firmware :RAK5205_TrackerBoard firmware

  • Thank you Leopold,
    I have upgraded the firmware and I am now able to send unconfirmed messages.

    Please note that this new firmware release is returning the same firmware version as the previous one: "RAK5205_TrackerBoard software version:"

    It means that you have in the field, different versions of this firmware returning the same firmware version.

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