Problem with video streaming in CamSight app with Flylink HD

  • Hello, I have a problem with playing a video via CamSight application. At the beginning, I will try to describe my situation for better clarify how it works in my case.

    I have a standard Flylink HD hardware. When I connect transmitter and receiver to power supply, red LEDs are shining constantly. Blue LEDs are shining constantly after aproximately 10 seconds of bliking. So, it looks OK according to datasheet. I have installed last version of CamSight application to the tablet with Android 6 (tablet supports 5GHz WiFi). Connection to the Flylink_XXXXX network is established without problems. When I start the application, everyhing seems to be OK, but when I press the play button at bottom right corner, app show the IP address of device ( for the moment and immediatelly crashed (with announcement that "Application CamSight unfortunately stopped working."). With using of RTSP stream, the result is the same. Where could be a problem? Could be problem only in tablet (old version of Android etc..) or different kind of problem?
    Everything works fine in VLC media player on Windows.
    Is somebody able to help me?
    Many thanks to everybody.

  • @pilot205 if you still need help with this you can send em a email to, I can help you

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