Best way to power RAK8211-NB

  • Hi,

    What is the recommended way to power this board? ATM I am powering it through the usb from my computer but I have read that for using some functionalities(eg. GPS) it doesn't provide enough power.

    In your datasheet says that a battery in the 3.3-18V range can be connected to P2. What is the recommended V?


  • We usually power RAK8211-NB with 3.3V.

  • I am powering it from my computer through the usb port , but I have read in other forum that it doesn't provide enough power to use the GPS and modem, is that true?

    I tried powering it through P3 with 3.3V and it works.

    But I tried powering it through P2 with several voltages ranging from 3.3V to 9V and it doesn't switch on.

  • The under adaption board power from usb just supply a part of sensors on upper 8211-B except for GPS and bc95-g. The recommended way is that power it through P3 with 3.3V. And the P2 is just for solar panel power way. More details is on

  • @nero Thanks for your help.
    I do not currently have a 3.3V power supply or battery other than an Arduino UNO, which possible cannot provide enough power, and also would like to power the device by solar panel in production.
    Can you advice on what is the recommended way to power it through P2 connector?
    I am powering the board through P3 from the arduino 3.3V pin, however I still cannot get GPS info.
    This is the RTT output using the RUI firmware:

    <info> app: ++++++++++++++++test begin++++++++++++++++

    <info> app: temperature = 19

    <info> app: humidity = 37

    <info> app: pressure = 99396

    <info> app: acceleration x,y,z = 496,192,16256

    <info> app: magnetic x,y,z = 0,0,0

    <info> app: light strength = 271

    <info> app: gps info =

    <info> app: ++++++++++++++++test end++++++++++++++++

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