Issue with RAK_LB801 and TTN

  • hi everyone,

    I have a gateway up and running based on Dragino Lora/GPS HAT v1.4 & Raspberry Pi 2 and I am trying to connect my first lora device : RAK_LB801N LoRaButton.

    The setup has been made via serial connexion at+set_config=dev_addr:… using information provided by TTN device overview information

    The distance between the two device is about 10cm !
    Frequency is EU on both device !

    I am using #single_chan_pkt_fwd 1 channel gateway and this settings

    // Set spreading factor (SF7 - SF12)
    sf_t sf = SF7;

    // Set center frequency
    uint32_t freq = 868100000; // in Mhz! (868.1)

    The RAK Button is configured with abp

    I have tried with SF12 et SF9 without chance !

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