• Hello,

    I am using a RAK833 concentrator from RAK Wireless (the one with only SPI and no USB) wired to a Raspberry Pi 3 Compute Module.

    I’ve followed nrdmtt’s tutorial here : RAK833 - Packet forwarder, and I have updated the loragateway/liblora/library.cfg configuration file to use native SPI instead of USB.

    I’m trying to use the util_spi_stress utility. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Here is the verbose log referring to an unexpected chip version. Here is the verbose log :

    pi@raspberrypi:~/repo/lora_gateway $ ./util_spi_stress/util_spi_stress 
    INFO: Starting LoRa concentrator SPI stress-test number 1
    Note: SPI port opened and configured ok
    Note: SPI read success
    lgw_connect:532: INFO: no FPGA detected or version not supported (v0)
    Note: SPI read success
    lgw_connect:555: ERROR: NOT EXPECTED CHIP VERSION (v2)
    ERROR: lgw_connect() did not return SUCCESS

    The only solution I’ve found so far is to change the expected chip version to 2 in loragateway/liblora/src/loragw_reg.c in the loreg structure so the verification at startup will not fail. But sometimes the RAK833 answers with the proper chip version number (which is 103)
    I've already tried to lower the SPI speed but it doesn't change anything. Appart from that, the RAK833 works perfectly fine and a was able to register the gateway and receive packets from nodes with it.

    Can anyone please help me find why my RAK833 doesn’t always answer 103 as expected.
    Thank a lot for your answers


  • Hi,

    You can use our newest software for RAK833+Raspberry Pi. We've tested it, and it works fine.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your kind answer. It seems that the implementation RAK833-LoRaGateway-RPi is dedicated for RAK833 modules with USB interface. We purchased the version with only SPI interface. I have tried to replace CFG_SPI= ftdi by CFG_SPI= native but the installation doesn't take care of the modification.


  • Hi,
    RAK833 SPI is defined on optional Pins of mPCIe interface, so you need to look RAK833 datasheet and define the Pins of your host device mPCIe interface too.
    http://docs.rakwireless.com/en/LoRa/RAK833-Pcie-Gateway/Hardware Specification/RAK833 LoRa Gateway DataSheet V1.3.pdf

  • Hi,
    I'm pretty sure that the cabling done on our board is correct : exception made of the incorrect chip version number, we were able, as indicated in first message, to implement a gateway using LoRa-net lora-gateway and semtech's packet forwarder. I'm just really surprised that the chip version provided by the R833-Spi is not the one expected by the lora-library. Any indication on this issue ?

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