RAK8212 Arduino code in NRF52

  • hello i use RAK8212 M module. if any arduino code for NRF52 to obtain GPS location by get and post towards server.

  • There is only one project for RAK8212-M on github: https://github.com/RAKWireless/RUI_itracker_platform_firmware

    All functions of RAK8212-M can work by using this firmware, and you can refer to it.

  • thank u for your support i tried this code before and faced code hanging problem after this command "AT+COPS=?". also i commented GSM commands to try gps operation only but its fails kindly resolve this issue. and how to post latitude and longitude data in HTTP server ...?

  • Hello, because of the operator difference, our demo is tested with China Mobile. It runs normally when use AT+COPS=? to search operator net.However this command will cost more time than others. Generally, it cost 150s or more. The GPS information is shown in the test task. So you can use the api to get data in your own task. As for the data transformation, we supply a demo in the driver, it will build a tcp client with remote server. You can see the itracker\Source\driver\bg96.c Gsm_nb_iot_config(). More details in the attach file0_1542337986899_微信截图_20181116111247.png

  • My code hanging this line. device no response led all are off this link

    How to skip this problem.

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