Is RAK811-Tracker Boards DEVEUI all the same?

  • I purchased two RAK 811-Tracker Boards.
    I noticed that DEVEUI is the same on the console output.
    In my recognition, I think that DEVEUI is different for each module, but is there no problem?
    RAK811 BreakBoard soft version: 1.0.2
    Selected LoraWAN 1.0.2 Region: EU868
    Dev_EUI: 60 C5 A8 FF FE 00 00 10 <- same

    What should be careful when rewriting the firmware?
    For example, do you need to record data first?

  • Hi,
    People can config DevEUI via AT command, like this: at+set_config=dev_eui:D896E0FFFF0100B1

  • HI,
    Thank you.
    I understand that it can be set.
    Is not DEVEUI a unique number?

  • Yes, DevEUI must be a unique number.
    Normally, we use device's MAC address to build it, like this:
    MAC address: 60 C5 A8 00 00 10
    DevEUI: 60 C5 A8 FF FE 00 00 10

  • Hi,
    Thank you for infomation.
    By the way, what does the above "FF FE" mean?
    How can I get the MAC address from my purchase tracker board?

  • In fact, you can use any data as DevEUI for a LoRa node, but it can't be same with another LoRa device. Normally, the MAC address of a device is a unique number, so we use it as DevEUI. "FF FE" is only used to complement because MAC address is too short.

  • Hi,
    Thank you for ans.
    I do not understand it yet.
    Where is the MAC address of RAK 811 - Tracker Boards?
    Or, which command can you read?
    Both of the DEVEUI serial outputs were the same.

    I do not know what number to rewrite.
    Can you advise me?

  • @ogahara the deveui is unique for each device; if you can use a private network like ttn...probably they give to you a unique devEui for to one physical device (you can't asign any devEui that you like it). If you deploy your private network, you can asign to your devices the devEui that you prefeer, like: "0000000000000001".

  • Hi.
    Thank you for the advice.
    I am planning to connect to the public LoRaWAN network.
    dev_eui thinks it needs to be unique.
    Moreover, I think that dev_eui will be allocated at device manufacturing time.
    If my opinion is wrong, will I have to get the MAC address from IEEE?

  • Hi, ogahara

    I think you can use the MAC address of anyone of your devices (like phone, PC, router, etc.) to build the DevEUI by adding "FF FE" to the middle of the MAC address.
    The DevEUI will be a unique number because the MAC address of your device is a unique number.

  • Hi.
    Thank you for the advice.
    I did not know EUI - 64.

    DevEUI was able to confirm the unique number.
    I appreciate everyone's advice!

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