Program RAK811 microcontroller (LoRaMac)

  • @fomi thanks for reply fomi, I have a question. I want the code not for AT command, but for ClassA automatic operation. Is the code you preferred different from this one ?
    Moreover, I programmed the code you suggested, but when I want to send it an string through serial connection, I receive "The Hard Fault exception occurs,Reset!". I don't know why?

  • @msadeghz Hi,
    Maybe you use the firmware at US915 region,and with used "at+ch_list" command , received "The Hard Fault exception occurs,Reset!" . Because It occurs stack overflow exception.This is a bug, and you could reload latest firmware at: .You also could modify the size of config_buf[] array from 1024 to 2048 in the source code "lora_config.c ".

  • thank you Leopold,
    I use the latest firmware and I see the messages below at Uart:
    when I send any command (which trig the uart interrupt) hard fault occurred. I don't know why till now.

  • @msadeghz I mention that when I disable uart interrupt in the code hard fault is not occurred.

  • @msadeghz I have not occured this problem,but we have update the open source version to 2.x.3.2.this firmware fixed some bugs.You could reload the open source latest and refer to the test.

  • hi! i have problem with us915 configuration; ussing at command: "at+band=US915" i have this response from stm32 mcu (with previous configuration of #define LORA_HF_BOARD).


  • @carlos.soria Maybe the valid scope of the macro definition is not correct,you'd better define it with Global macro as following:
    0_1543981297537_QQ图片20181205114101.png image url)

  • @leopold thank you,
    7 days ago, the source code is updated as:

    update RAK811_LoRaNode firmware version to 2.x.3.2
    1.Fix a debug about "The Hard Fault exception occurs,Reset!".
    2.The end number in version indicate the version with DEBUG or RELEASE :odd:DEBUG ,even:RELEASE.

    I have encountered the first bug. when I connect the module to the supply, I receive continuously the above message. when I disable Uart rx interrupt, I don't receive it.

    ********** I mention that I use IAR workbench and ST-LINK v2. **********

  • @msadeghz Hi,On IAR workbench,you try increasing the stack space to 0x800. Operational approach on IAR IDE:
    Project->Options->Linker->config->Edit->Static/Heap Sizes->ListData stack(CSTACK):0x800.

  • @leopold thank you Leopold, the issue is solved. I add the startup code from "iar" folder in "cmsis" folder and the problem is solved.
    thank you for reply.

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