RAK8212 FreeRTOS iTracker only on Keil?

  • Hello,

    I noticed you have a new version of the iTracker based on FreeRTOS on https://github.com/RAKWireless/RAK_itracker_firmware_based_on_nRF5SDK15.0_freertos_baseline

    The instructions indicate we should open the project file in the arm5_no_packs directory, which contains a Keil .uvprojx file. This means that this project can only be used with the Keil MDK, correct?
    Would it be possible to describe how to compile this software in an IDE which is freely available (eg. Eclipse)?


  • I'm sorry. This project is just developing. Now, it can be used on RAK8212 and RAK8211-G, and it can only be used with MDK. In future, it will support more RAK modules (eg. RAK8211-NB) and more tools (eg. Eclipse). But firstly, we want to support more RAK modules.
    It is a truly open source project, people can also port it freely. If there is anyone who want to contribute some features to the project, that will be very great!

  • Thanks for the answer @fomi

    I would like to contribute by porting the FreeRTOS to Eclipse, though I am not sure if I can do it, as the project seems quite big and it is always more difficult to port something that you don't completely understand. I will let you know if I succeed.

  • @solu That's great!

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