RAK831 and SX1278

  • Yes. Frequency is correct, I see it with SDRSharp and RTL2832 dongle. I have compared both FFT graphs, SX1278 and RAK831 have same working range, but SX1278(Tx)+SX1278(Rx) work fine and RAK831(Tx)+SX1278(Rx) not work as need. Also I have made test with different frequences with step 10KHz in range 433,8-434,2 MHz 434MHZ is target.

  • RAK831 434MHz SF8

  • RA01 434MHz SF12


  • Here you see different spreading factor but with equal SF will same BW.

  • I've ever met the CRC errors, and it is because i use a 868MHz Gateway hardware as a 470MHz gateway. So, i think your problem may be same with mine.

    OK, firstly, let's confirm that is your RAK831 hardware a 433MHz gateway?
    Can you give me your email? I'll contact you soon.

  • I have opened radio cover shield and both IC is SX1255.
    My email vekli@mail.ru

  • At this moment compatibility RA-01(02) based on SX1278 and RAK 831 is not confirmed any tests. Support can't help with it.

  • As you know, we've tested it with RAK811 node successfully, and we have no RA-01(02) device to test.

  • The problem was fixed. If you use not LoraWan packets need set "lorawan_public": false, in global_conf.json and keep in mind about Lora header type in your own applications.

  • That's great!

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