RAK5206, accessing linux, using gpio and UART

  • Good evening,

    I'm currently looking for informations about RAK5206, which seems to match most of my needs.
    However there are few elements not clear about we can do with.

    Are we able to access, modify and add side-application in the Linux- which is running on the board?
    If yes, how? Is it a partition of SD card?
    If no, what is the purpose of GPIO, PWM and UART available on connector P1?

    Thanks you for your time

  • I'm wondering the same thing. Have you had any luck?

  • administrators

    HI , All
    we dont open the source code now . and we are planning to add the webpage to use the GPIOs . IF you have to use it now ,it must be customized the firmware .
    BTW : why do you want to use the GPIO s ? and fro what ? we dont add the gpio all the time because we dont know how willl you use that ?

  • I was planning on using the GPIOs for a few simple buttons: to switch wifi modes, etc. I also wanted to add some custom software to serve video streams. Will the firmware be open source in the future?

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