Correct LoRa Gateway for TDOA?

  • I am setting up a asset tracking system around my city, and recently brought a RAK Gateway and the Arduino MKR WAN 1300(end device)Before I buy 3 more which is required for TDOA(GPS-free) location can anyone please tell me if the gateway i purchased us derived from the Semtech's V2 reference design? so TDOA is possible.

    to be more specific does this gateway support fine-timestamp support and can I get the license the key to decrypt this fine-timestamp as it is encrypted. This is required for TDOA localization.


    RAKWireless LoRa Gateway Developer Kit US915, SX1301 RAK831 LoRa/LoRaWan Module with Raspberry Pi3 and Converter Board GPS Module

  • Hi, I would like to know the same thing. Thanks.

  • To my understanding these gateways use the standard Semtech Ic's and the software that is run on them is up to you.

  • Any official answer?

  • @jerylcook
    It definitely has all hardware for it. I have tested GPS and it works well. For TDOA, GPS must provide PPS input to SX1301. You can see that connection is done with a jumper cable between GPS and gateway board. I think that this will be gateway firmware bug or it lacks this feature.

  • I should have been clear. i meant for a GPS-less device, to obtain location by TDOA...i had to attach a ESP8266 and do a wifi sniff to obtain signinal strength of nearest wifi...and simpled used SigFox Geolocation : in
    my application(my application after data is sent from device to TTN). etc.

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