FW upgrade BC95-G in RAK8211-NB

  • Hi,

    What is the easiest way to upgrade the FW of the Quectel BC95-G module on the RAK8211-NB?
    (using QDownload NB-IoT V3.4)


  • Just an update on this topic.

    As I really needed the COAP/LWM2M commands of the newer FW and as there was no obvious way to upgrade the BC95-G in a conventional manner, we did something a bit less conventional:

    • USB to TTL device connected to USB port of PC
    • GND to a GND pin on the RAK8211
    • RXD pressed to pin 30 of the BC95-G
    • TXD pressed to pin 29 of the BC95-G
    • 3V3 pressed to pin 45 of the BC95-G
    • Started Qdownload, selected module type, COM port, FW file, SSB file
    • pressed "Read IMEI" and then "Download"
      After "update ready" waited a little more for the IMEI update and: done!
      Not the most elegant procedure, but it solved the problem.

    Hope that the next FW updates can be done through FOTA.


  • Now you can upgrade the BG96 firmware in the RAK8212 board via FOTA as the following tutorial.


    Regarding the BC95, we still need time to build.

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