How to use the RAK Support Center?

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    1.First of all need to use the mailbox registration account to become RAK support center users can post to ask our RAK engineers. Registration is very simple, follow the prompts can be completed, here is to remind the registration must be certified by the mailbox can be used normally!!!

    2.User registration, select the appropriate forum post, we RAK products are divided into WIFI modules and video modules and open source products, we asked what modules in accordance with their own questions to distinguish the forum, because each section is responsible for different engineers, if you are in the This section asked the question of other forums, our engineers may not reply to you. I hope you pay attention.

    3.Posting when you need to pay attention to is how to post? Here I have to post this post to everyone to demonstrate the process of posting.
    First click on the new theme, as shown below:
    Then will pop-up edit box, edit their own problems like, here is a reminder that the characteristics of this forum, the edit box appears only after the withdrawal or click to complete the submission to disappear, the page jump will not disappear.
    This completes, and the engineer will reply to your question at the end of your post. Thank you for using RAK support center, we also hope that through this way so that more people only need to view without asking the same question.

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