RAK566 problem

  • There are several problems about RAK566, and I want to help.
    I inspected more than one year, but the problem that it can't be settled was left.
    1, Recording frame rate.
    When 1080P30 is recorded in CamSight in RAK566+iPAD Air2, there is a defect in a file.
    For example when it's recorded for 1 minute, a file of 20fps for 44 seconds is served.
    And when I play the file, it'll be an first speed move.
    What is there a problem with?
    2, Audio
    Embedded audio of HDMI can't be recorded.
    Has not sound been supported yet?
    3, CamSight and RAKVideo SDK for iOS, build error.
    I'll inspect a project of CamSight and RAKVideo in SDK to settle a defect.
    But a project of SDK is a build error.
    0_1536068990348_screen shot 2018-09-04 22.31.28.png
    I want to help with 3 issues.
    Best regards.

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