RAK811-N Firmware Update Issue

  • Hi all,

    having a hard time to make my rak811-n Arduino (aka wisnod-lora) board cooperative for getting an Firmware update. I follow to guide at https://github.com/RAKWireless/RAK811/tree/master/AT Firmware and http://wiskey.org/doku.php?id=wisnode_series:wisnode-lora but with no luck. the Flash loader Demonstrator can't step in into the update sequence. Jumper is set to 3,3v boot and if i readout the sequence via terminal i see the <boot> info after Pressing the reset button. I tried even several PCs but all win10 issued.
    So is there some magic for being able to Flash the board?
    thanks in Advance for support, br Robert

  • is there another tool capable to perform the update? I assue to do the update via the virtual Serial port supplied by the microusb port is the proper way to do?
    if there is another way to kick in the update, please let me know,
    br Robert

  • playing around with the possible other tool STMFlashLoader is behaving quite the same:
    STMFlashLoader.exe -c --pn 6 --br 115200 -i STM32L_Med-density-128K -d --fn primp.txt

    Opening Port [OK]
    Activating device [KO]
    No response from the target, the Boot loader can not be started.
    Please, verify the boot mode configuration, reset your device then try again.
    Please, reset your device then then press any key to continue

    Bridge is set on p1: 3v3 and Boot, somehow i have the feeing the board is not behaving properly…:(

  • administrators

    The main chips of the 811 and 811-N are different, so the upgrade method is definitely different. Here is the 811-N information.RAK811-N(Lora).zip

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