Can't send raw LoRa packets using util_tx_test to node

  • Hi!
    I don't know why I am not able to send anything from my RAK831 Gateway to my RFM95 node using util_tx_test.c program (from as plain LoRa packets. Nothing gets received on the node(using Radio Head library on node).

    The log on the RAK831 is fine:
    Sending 10 packets on 868400000 Hz (BW 125 kHz, SF 7, CR 1, 16 bytes payload, 8 symbols preamble) at 14 dBm, with 100 ms between each
    INFO: concentrator started, packet can be sent
    Sending packet number 1 ...INFO: tx_start_delay=1495 (1495.500000) - (1497, bw_delay=1.500000, notch_delay=0.000000)

    Things I checked:

    • Tested inverted modulation from gateway.
    • Changed SyncWord to 0x12 on end node and set loraWAN_public=false in the code.
    • matched frequency, CR, SF, BW, preamble.

    I can send from the RFM95 node to the RAK831 gateway using util_pkt_logger without any problems. I also tried with another Dragino-gateway that could send to the end node without problems, so the end node is fine.

    What could be wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

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