Connecting rak811 module with a meter

  • Hello guys

    Firstly, I'm new at lorawan modules and my english is not very well , sorry for that :/

    I have ordered Lora Heat Meter via aliexpress. And i have rak811 lora module. they said that , if i click the button 5 seconds, the meter will be connected automatically to lora network. And there are some informations at user manual. (device connecting via otaa , dev_eui,app_key and app_eui adresses)

    I’m using hyperterminal for see whats going on in my lora module. i have set at+setconfig=dev_eui & app_eui apps_key . and these values are same with heat meter (do they values have to be same with heat meter’s values right?)

    steps i have implemented on my rak811 module

    link text
    alt text

    after setting those commands, i receive at+recv=6 and it means connection error.

    can you help me about how to connect these two devices?

  • So your Lora heat meter is connected to the node side? When you request to join it should connect to a lorawan server. Do you have one?

  • No i dont have.. how can i create ?

  • I am assuming you have a LoRa gateway. Use the Things Network Server. Its good to begin with.

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