RAK811/LoRa Module I2C problem

  • I am using the firmware version version of RAK 811.
    Address 0 can not be read by I2C.
    An error occurs as shown below.


    But Address 1 is OK.


    I want to have access to address 0. How can I do it?

    In "RAK 811 Lora AT Command V1.4.pdf", "<data_addr>: I2C device register address, enter hex format 16bit" is written.
    However, when I confirmed the waveform, it was 8bit address.

    How do you specify 8-bit access and 16-bit access?

  • Yes, currently can't access 0 address

  • My I2C device has a register at address 0. Is there a way to lead?

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