Fail to send packet from 811 to 831 gateway

  • The documents are quite confusing.
    This is what I have done.

    1. run ic880a-gateway/, but it says some files or links already exist.
    2. create my own thing network account, add my gateway, add application, and a 811 device.
    3. In /opt/ttn-gateway/bin , I modify global_conf.json to AS1 band and link local_conf.json to my own remote-configure. Start gateway by ./
    4. Lora gate can connect to the thing network successfully.
    5. Configure 811:
       at+set_config=dev_addr:... nwks_key... apps_key
      at+set_config=ch_list: from 0 to 7 corresponding to AS1.
      at+set_config=ch_list:8 ~ 71 as off
    6. Send data by at+send=1,2,11223344556677889900FF, but I got at+recv=6,0,0. Sometimes I notice that CRC error on Pi's terminal. Sometimes I see no RF packets received by concentrator.
      Any suggestion?

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