How to communicate with RAK 811 from RAK 831 without connecting backend to internet?

  • Greetings,
    I have managed to run the RAK 831 using Beaglebone Black and now I need a way to connect RAK 811 with RAK 831 where the data sent over would be recorded in util_pkt_logger. I found that for OTAA and ABP DEV_ADDR , APP_EUI,APP_ADDR,nwks_key are required. I have seen multipe ways in creating these via some of the hosted gateway infrastructre providers namely (TTN) is there a way to generate this manually without using gateway infrastructrure providers? Thank you

  • It is currently impossible, but the communication method is that P2P function can be used. Without the LoRaWAN function, the server provider is not needed.

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