Lora Button join on press but does not send data until next press

  • I've got 2 LoRa button , latest firmware, that seems to be working fine. Unfortunately looks like after certain time, the button goes to sleep and then when we press a button the button is issuing a join. I've got no problem except that the button is not sending the payload for the button pressed, just do a join.

    So I need to press a 2nd time the button to see data coming. After that all is fine until next sleep. After that I need to press 2 times again, one for join one to send data


    would it be possible to fix this issue ? Also please let us an option to use unconfirmed packet.

  • Yes, using the OTAA method to join will have your problem, you should use the ABP method to join.

  • @xc.c did you planned to publish a patched firmware ?

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