Unable to receive packets from LoRa node using RAK831_868MHz with Raspberry Pi 3

  • We are unable to receive any packets from the LoRa node using 868MHz version of RAK831 concentrator though we are continuously sending packets from a DRF1276G. Following is a screenshot of the log file generated by './util_pkt_logger' from https://github.com/Lora-net/lora_gateway.

    0_1531127004870_Screenshot from 2018-07-09 14-32-03.png

    Kindly help us resolve this issue.

    FYI once we had powered on the board without the antenna. Would that be a problem? What will happen if we power on the module without connecting an antenna?

  • i am also facing the same problem . Please help me to.

  • Maybe your node's sync word needs to be set to 0x34

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