How to switch from Loriot to TTN in a safe way

  • I have the RAK Gateway connected to Loriot, which was easy and well documented and looks nice.

    Now on Loriot I see to many limitations and Terms and Conditions to upgrade that are unacceptable.
    Communication with Loriot in a normal way is impossible without upgrading not knowing the costs unless giving your creditcard upfront. (I think they are not from this planet).

    I want to switch to TTN.
    How can I proceed in a safe way in a Loriot configured gateway changing it to TTN?


  • xc.c,

    I made a duplicate sd (and some backups) and stopped the Loriot gateway after booting the duplicate.
    There was no although they mentioned it.
    I manually moved/renamed the /opt/lrt and rebooted.

    The TTN gateway was easy to install with the link you provided.

    I can swap the sd cards now to choose the network Loriot or TTN.


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