Rak831 gateway dead?

  • Hi,
    I ordered a LoRaWan starter kit which I got a few days ago.
    My gateway RAK831 got rather hot but seemed to work fine. Now, 2 days later it keeps cool but it does cannot connect to TTN any more. Now I only get "cannot start concentrator. The gateway was switched off while I started to have a look at the WisNode module.
    How can I know if the board is still ok?

  • Please reset 831 and try again.

  • Yes, resetting the 831 should do the trick. I found out that in start.sh which is called during system startup (systemd ttn-gateway.service) this is actually done before starting to talk to the device. The problem was that this script uses RPI GPIO pin 22 but the converter board which is part of the starter kit uses pin 17.
    Unfortunately I could not find any documentation for the converter board and I saw the information concerning pin 17 as a side remark in one of the tutorials.
    Once changing the pin configuration now the board heats again and it connects to ttn after each reboot as expected. Communication with the WisNode also works fine.
    Problem solved.
    Thanks for your help

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