iTracker RAK8211-NB AT commands

  • having issues trying to send AT commands to the BC95-G board.

    I've tried with loading the iTracker software via Keil and with the mbed samples with no result.
    am i missing something anyone can think of off the top of their head?
    trying to send commands with Quectel Qnavigator and realterm.

    Currrent setup: i have Jlink connected with the FTDI usb bboard at the same time.
    pin out is:
    FTDI <-> 8211NB
    TX <-> P0.28 (rx)
    RX <-> P0.29 (tx)

    thanks in advance.

  • hi @adrianj
    It seems to me that the pins to connect to are 29 and 30.

  • Hi @solu and @adrianj did you get the BC95-G modem working?

    I'm trying to achieve the same.
    Could anyone point me to a sketch that implements a sort of serial passthrough?
    Or could anyone explain which is the easiest way to send AT commands to the modem?


  • @colrack
    Until now I have been able to flash the supplied FW files (zip /hex) using "nRFgo studio" and also using "nRF connect" on my phone.
    Also I can see some output of what is happening using "J-Link RTT Viewer" ( it has messages like "[INFO]: Test with Hologram on China Mobile")
    As of yet, I have not been able to accomplish access to the Quectel module.

    Have you been able to make any progress?

  • Thank you @solu
    Yes, after spending a weekend on reading sources from various projects, I can now send AT cmds to the BC95-G and see the output (over serial BLE).
    Now I've just loaded an espruino based firmware (master branch) with some patches.
    There are many things to be aware of:

    • in the BC95-G RX/TX Pins are inverted compared to the M35.
    • the sequence to power on the chip seems a little different compared to M35 and BG96 (look at keil firmware project)
    • you can use only one serial at a time, so no GPS or even console output while using the modem
    • if you supply power from the base board (the one with the serial usb) you will not be able to use the modem, so what I did is to supply power with a 3.3v battery

    Tomorrow I will try to attach to a real network in lab.


  • Hi all

    I can confirm I finally succeed on attaching the BC95-G to the network!


  • @colrack Cool!

    So how are you able to send the AT cmds? Also with the Espruino?

  • Hi
    I connect to the module with the Espruino via BLE, then I power on the modem, I setup Serial1 with properly PINs and speed and then I am able to send AT cmds.
    Something like this:

    var buff = "";
    var iTracker = require("iTracker");
    var nbiot_serial = function(){
      buff = "";
      Serial1.setup(9600, { tx:D20, rx:D12 });
      Serial1.on('data', function (data) {
       buff = buff + data;
        var OK = buff.includes("\nOK");
        var ERROR = buff.includes("\nERROR");
        if (OK === true || ERROR === true) {
          buff = "";
    iTracker.setCellOn(true, function(usart) {
      console.log("cell now on");

    then to issue cmd:


    (BTW as I said before I have some patches on top of the master Espruino branch)

  • Perfect @colrack ! This worked like a charm.
    Thank you so much!

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