RAK 833 - Packet forwarder

  • Hi guys,

    I have recently received a RAK833 concentrator and finally got it working with the legacy LoRa-net packet forwarder. Starting from the LoRa-net github repo, I have forked both lora_gateway and packet_forwarder to make it compatible with the RAK833. This is just a preliminary version, with some workaround to make it compatible and of course there is still something to fix and it is intended just for testing purposes.


    1 - Setting up working direcotry

    cd ~
    mkdir git
    cd git
    git clone https://github.com/RAKWireless/RAK831_LoRaGateway.git
    git clone https://github.com/nrdmtt/packet_forwarder
    git clone https://github.com/nrdmtt/lora_gateway

    2 - Build and install libmpsse

    sudo apt-get install libftdi-dev
    cd RAK831_LoRaGateway/libmpsse/src/
    sudo ./configure --disable-python
    make clean
    sudo make install
    sudo ldconfig

    3 - Build lora gateway

    cd ~/git/lora_gateway/
    make all

    4 - Build packet forwarder

    cd ~/git/packet_forwarder/
    make all

    Starting the packet forwarder,

    cd ~/git/packet_forwarder/lora_pkt_fwd and
    sudo ./lora_pkt_fwd


    1. The project has been tested with both TTN and also with a private lora server like https://www.loraserver.io/. With both lora server, packets are received correctly.

    2. The project has been built both on x86 debian and raspbian. Just remember to install building tools.

    Some tips

    1. Before starting the packet forwarder, remember to modify your global_conf.json and local_conf.json, that you find in ~/git/packet_forwarder/lora_pkt_fwd, to reflect your configuration.

    2. You must modify library.cfg (~/git/lora_gateway/libloragw) to reflect you configuration. I have a RAK833 for the EU market (868 band ), so if you have a different model, before building lora gateway, update library.cfg

    3. You have to first build lora gateway and then you can build the packet forwarder

    4. If you change the directory of the project, update make files accordingly.

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