RAK_LB801n LoRa Button Bricked (2)

  • I have two RAK_LB801n LoRa buttons and both are bricked; one after attempting a firmware update to the US915 AT version (which did succeed) and one after trying to configure it for OTAA mode (it was communicating via the serial port fine until the last command, then it never came back). I've tried everything mentioned in the manual and on this forum to do a "hard reset", but nothing works. Is there a way to do this and get the devices back to a known state?

  • Because the US915 defines too many frequency points, the device may send a join request that may not be within the frequency range defined by the gateway. Therefore, the device will continue to change the frequency and send a join request. As a result, at the customer level, the device did not respond. But in fact, only the equipment is added at the frequency of replacement.

  • Therefore, if you use 915-band users, set the device's ch_mask according to the frequency of your gateway.

  • Currently, that is not my problem. What I need to do is figure out how to get the LoRa Button back to a factory default setting, so I can configure it through the serial interface. Right now, I can't communicate to the device at all.

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