LORA module without gateway

  • Hi all
    Working on light controller and want to control up to 100 lights. Can i use Lora modules without Gateway. Can i use one Lora module as master and all other modules as slave with my existing controller.
    Range upto 2 kms.
    Mital Pawar

  • Hi Mital,

    Well, with the SX1278 (which is built into the RAK811), you can eighter do LoRaWAN-mode (which would include a gateway) or P2P mode, which is between two devices.
    With clever programming, there might be a chance that you can achiev your targtet with P2P mode, if you switch the slaves at the "master". But then, you got to poll the state of the lights. Maybe a single channel gateway is the better idea.

    Regards, Edi

  • Hi Edi,

    Thanks for your inputs. I will try same. Also Can you suggest any single channel Gateway module/solution.


  • Hello Mital,

    well not really. I played around with a LG01-P 868, but then my RAK831 arrived. The LG01-P worked, but I didn't really do any serious testing with it.

    Regards, Edi

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