RAK811 delay to wait after join network ?

  • Hello all,

    RAK811 fw

    after a join command (OTAA) and successful answer (at+recv=3,0,0), i need to wait at least 5 seconds before send "at+send" command !

    is that a requirement for the module ?
    if i don't wait, i receive an ERROR message :(

    thanks, regards

  • please nobody may confirm or not ?


  • administrators

    What is your frequency band?

    Can you see what number is behind the ERROR returned?

  • hi @phil31 , i my opinnion; you must be logged on the network to send a msg valid, if the gateway don't response inmediattly on the first recive window (X1), it can send the second msg on the second recive window (X2) (usually 6 seconds) in other frecuency. If the node not configure properly with the frecuency mask list, it can't be receive the info sended from the gateway.

  • Hello

    as explain, i'm waiting answer at+recv=3,0,0 before try any send !

    RAKteam : in fact i have no error, i "only" NOT receive OK after at+send (if i don't wait these 5 seconds) !

    if i wait thes 5 seconds, no problem, OK occurs as expected

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