RAK811 with SPI bus

  • Dear Team,

    for a new application i need to use SPI bus instead of UART.

    please do you plan to add an SPI bus as communication with the RAK811 module ? or did i search another solution ?

    thanks, regards

  • Hi Phil,

    if you don't need very high speeds on the spi, you can try http://download.mikroe.com/documents/compilers/mikroc/arm/help/software_spi_library.htm

    Regards, Edi

  • hello Edi

    i don't need a library !
    i need a LORA module with an SPI bus instead UART lines !
    i need to communicate with SPI bus, so if RAK team can add this communication mode then i can use the RAK811 which seem working right. if not, i will find another one

    a lot of "AT modules" provide dual communication mode : UART then SPI. it can be easily for RAK team to add this !


  • Hello Phil,

    Tthis library provides SPI on any GPIO you want to use. So you can implement SPI on the RAK811. But I think it's easyer to impelment your application on the STM32L151CB-A in the RAK811 module. So you don't need an additional MCU.

    Regards, Edi

  • oh ok i see what you mean ..
    no i don't want to play with the STM32 firmware !
    and this new application require a bigger CPU, quad core like RPI ou iMX6 ..

    anyway, thanks for your suggestion

  • @phil31 Ah I see. Yeah, then RAK has nothing suitable ATM, I agree with you-

  • any official answer from RAK team please ?

  • administrators

    @phil31 Hello, regarding what you said, we think that there is no need for such equipment for the time being. If you want to use the SPI interface to control LoRa, you can use the official chip sx1276 or sx1278 directly.
    We introduced the LoRa module of the UART interface because the UART interface is easier for customers to use than the SPI interface. If we then use the MCU to encapsulate the LoRa chip into an SPI interface, that would lose its significance.

  • that make sens :

    • no need to embedded the LORA stack in the main CPU
    • no need to design RF parts on the final product
    • no need to certify the full product with RF certification, as the module is already certified

    thanks for your answer, regards

  • administrators

    With regard to the last two points you mentioned, can you accept a module with only a single LoRa chip?

  • wgat do you mean ? the RFM95 by example ?

  • administrators

    Yes,the RFM95 is a example.

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