Difference between RAK5270 and RAK5271

  • Hi,
    Speaking about RAK5270 and RAK5271:
    Is the only difference between them the WiFi type (5GHz and 2,4GHz) ?

    So, is correct to say that they have:

    • Same low latency (200ms) in video transmission
    • Same camera definition (200W) ?
    • Is possible for both of them have a different firmware in order just to send on WiFi the FullHD video skipping the local saving of the video ?

    Because we need to send a FullHD video indoor, not so far (~10 meters) but thru a thick wall, so the 2,4GHz version should be a better option, right ?

    (The only problem with the RAK5271 is that you cannot extend the range using the RAK554, right ?)

    Thanks a lot for the answers!

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