RAK566: TX-Client and/or RX-softAP mode ?

  • We want to do some experiment with the transmitter RAK566 alone AND with the extender RAK554.

    In the online shop we found two versions of RAK566:
    RAK566(TX-Client) sold with RAK554(RX-softAP) and RAK566(TX-softAP) sold alone
    are they the same model ?

    So, can we buy the bundle RAK566(TX-Client) + RAK554(RX-softAP) and then still use the RAK566 alone in TX-softAP mode ?

  • HI ,Sir
    Good quesiton . RAK566 can work in different mode , Client or SoftAP mode .
    you can switch it from the webpage or you can use the button to switch . but we suggest you can use the webpge to do that .

  • Hi,
    Ok, we switched our Rak566 to SoftAP, ma how can we get the video stream ?
    After we connect to Rak566... which URL should we use to get the video ?

  • @explorandia please use our app to get the video without url .

    www.pgyer.com/camsight .

    if you must use url ,please use : rtsp://admin:admin@

  • Yes! It works!

    There is a documentation for the commands we can send to the Rak566 (in SoftAP mode) to control its behaviour ?

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