RAK8211-NB connection

  • I bought two RAK8211-NB cards and am having trouble communicating them with the pc via JTAG. From what I saw on the forums available on the internet, the problem is in Segger software that does not recognize the JTAG that is not produced by them. I would like to know if there is any non-Segger software to make this communication and to configure my RAK8211-NB cards.

    Just as a way to illustrate the problem. When trying to make a simple communication with
    RAK8211-NB via JTAG + SWD via command prompt, I find this error:

    nrfjprog -e
    ERROR: JLinkARM DLL reported an error. Try again. If error condition
    ERROR: persists, run the same command again with the argument --log, contact Nordic
    ERROR: Semiconductor and provide the generated log.log file to them.

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    What IDE are you using?If keil, you can refer to the following method.

    Solution: You will 'MDK4.7 before you install the version of D: \ Keil (I installed in the D plate) TOOLS. INI, copy the file to 'D: \ Keil_v5' directory below, and then reboot your PC will find all these things, but there will be another problem, is the Keil certification for piracy, the previous method is used to replace 'D: \ Keil_v5 \ ARM \ Segger' inside 'JLinkARM DLL' and 'JL2CM3. DLL' also is unable to solve,Therefore, to re-brush the firmware 'V8-4.24f.rar' in the online method (which must be brushed), I will not repeat it in many ways.Your keil5 will be fully usable after you brush the firmware, and you can use keil5's auto-complete feature.

    Note: the previous version of 'V4.70' can directly cover the 'j-link V4.70 qian. Rar' in the attachment to 'D:\ keil \ARM\Segger' in the 'keil' directory, which can perfectly solve the problem of the authentication of the flash back.

    0_1526696013746_j-link v4.70 qian.rar

    The method comes from the network.


  • @rakadmin said in RAK8211-NB connection:

    Your keil5 will be fully usable after you brush

    Apologies admin

    Could you please rewrite this again as i am a little confused.


  • I think you need to download and install j-link software pack . I am using a JTAG+SWD adapter in Mac OS and am able to program my RAK8211-NB board using Segger Studio

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