RAK811 update firmware

  • Hi RAK team,

    i need to add the possibility to update the RAK811 in our product.
    Please, i would like to know what is the protocol to do it ?


  • administrators

    Hi, phil31
    Do you want us to provide you with some firmware information?If so, please leave your email and we will contact you as soon as possible.


  • i just would add the update firmware feature from my main CPU.
    my main CPU will receive the .BIN firmware by a USB link and our application, then the CPU need to program the module.

    what is the used protocol to update the module please ?
    you can join me on my email too !


  • Hello phil,

    you can find the details here. It's not RAK-Specific, you can programm the stm32l151cb-a via the bootloader (set BOOT0 high, flash RST, programm, set BOOT0 low, flash RST).

    Regards, Edi

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    @eiten Thank you for sharing.

  • Dear Admin

    my RAK811 module are now on my application board.
    i can't remove it ! so i need to allow flash firmware update from my application.

    Edi propose a solution, but it's surely not the simplest.
    Please can you provide a more friendly solution with some news AT commands ?

    thanks, regards

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    @phil31 Because the way we upgrade firmware is also the official way to upgrade, so at present only one of the possible solutions mentioned above.

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