Can programm rak811 tracker, but not rak811 wisnode

  • Hi everyone,
    i purchased a starter kit, containing an RAK811 tracker and an RAK811 wisnode. I was able to programm the tracker, works like a charm, I already changed it to UBX binary and power save. GREAT! But I am not able to get a connection to the wisnode.
    I'm connecting the board in SWD mode with a fake J-Link, using 3.3V, GND, SWD-IO and SWD-CLK (not using Reset, as the fake J-Link has no reset). Programming the tracker board works perfect, but if I try to programm the WisNode with the exact same script, I can't even connect to the Board. I'm using OpenOCD.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks and regards, Edi

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    Hi eiten,
    For the low power consumption of RAK811, we blocked the SWD interface of the main chip. If you want to use it, you need to update the firmware to open the SWD interface.0_1526289168592_RAK811_V1035_868_TPIT.bin
    You can download the firmware, update it and try again.


  • Thanks for your reply. I found another solution: just pull up boot1, then SWD will work.
    Regards, Edi

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    Thank you for your sharing.


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