RAK811-N can't join GW

  • Yeah, it's the same situation here: HomeMatic and zWave in My House, zWave and some Babyphones in my neighborhood... The spectrum around 868MHz looks like an Image of the Alps :smile:
    You are very welcome.

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    First said sorry to phil31, and thanks to eiten‘s solution of the problem,and then thank you for your use of this product.
    We will use rak's products to the customer to provide technical support, if the customer problems encountered in the use of E-mail to our engineers can try, we will offer solutions in a timely manner.
    Then we will also strengthen the answer to the BBS.

    best regards

  • Hello Edi,

    well just receive my Sentrius RG186 gateway and in couples of minutes i'm transferring data between TTN and my RAK811-N node :)

    but some of them are KO !
    i'm doing, in main loop, increment of a counter, then each 20 seconds send with confirmation (at+send=1,1, counternum)

    most of time, all works as expected (receive at+recv=1,0,0), but sometime i receive ERROR-6

    you told me "ERROR-6 means that the MAC is busy" .. in that case, need i to try another send with the same payload ?

    thanks, regards

    0_1526307746641_TTN appdata5.png

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    hi, phil31

    I think you can send your data after receiving the information (receive at+recv=1,0,0)


  • "i thing" ?..
    please provide a real answer .. what we need to do in case of we receive ERROR-6 !?
    what does it mean "MAC busy" ? the module try himself to resend the data or we need to "at+send" again with same data ?


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    "MAC Busy" has a lot of kinds, such as what you sent data is need to be confirmed, if not received the gateway's response (success, failure, or timeout), and you send data again, you will receive "MAC Busy", the solution: you can send the data don't need to be unconfirmed, or wait for received its reply to send the next data.

  • Hi Phil,
    Yeah, congrats!
    Well, I think it's like this: you send a package with confirmation. If you don't get the confirmation and try to send again, you'll get the ERROR-6. In this case, you might try to reset the RAK811-N and try to send again.

    Regards, Edi

  • so i'm little confuse... what is the 'good' method in case we receive ERROR-6

    1/ reset the RAK811 as Edi suggest
    2/ how can i know the reason (success, failure, or timeout) to define the next action

    • success : all right
    • failure : maybe reset the RAK811 ? then send again the data ?
    • timeout : try to send again same data ?

    some data are more critical than others, so i need to be sure (as most as possible) that the data are right received by the GW and TTN (or other application network)


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    As you said, you send the data is the data need to confirm, in order to ensure that data is not lost, you may need to receive a successful response(OK) after sending a frame data, if you receive a failure(Fail), please retransmission the frame data;If you receive a timeout(STATUS_TX_TIMEOUT), retransmit this frame data;If you are "MAC busy"(ERROR-6), wait to receive one of these three responses before deciding which frame to send.

  • thanks for this clarification

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